Bihar board class 12th English ( ) VVI question

. The sentence, “The distinguishing characteristic of modem civilization is our indefinite multiplicity of wants’ is form. (Choose the correct option) [BSEB 201941] 

  • (A) Indian Civilization and Culture
  • (B) I Have a Dream
  • (C) A child is Born
  • (D) The Earth 

. ‘My Experiments with Truth’ was written by … 

  • (A) Maulane Abul Kalam Azad 
  • (B) LL. Nehru 
  • (C) Sardar Patel
  • (D) Mahatma Gandhi 

prefers spiritualism to materialism

  • (A) Dr. Zakir Hussain 
  • (B) M. Gandhi 
  • (C) Dr. Rajendra Pd.
  • (D) Indira Gandhi

Indian glory is that it is

  • (A) movable 
  • (B) immovable
  • (C) ignorant 
  • (D) uncivilised 

Who wrote “Indian Civilization and Culture? 

  • (A) Mahatma Gandhi 
  • (B) Jawahar Lal Nehru 
  • (C) Zakir Hussain
  • (D) H E Bates 

Who ‘used truth and non-violence as the chief weapons against the British rule in India? 

  • (A) M. Gandhi 
  • (B) J.L. Nehru
  • (C) Sardar Patel 
  • (D) S.C. Bose 

European civilization will mean ………… for India [“BSEB 2018A] 

  • (A) want 
  • (B) living
  • (C) real 
  • (D) ruin 

Snake is written by……

  • (A) John Donne 
  • (B) Kamala Das 
  • (C) DH Lawrence
  • (D) Walt Whitman

The poet had gone to the water trough to drink.

  • (A) water 
  • (B) tea
  • (C) coffee 
  • (D) cigarette 

He lifted his head from his drinking, as cattle do! is taken from the poem…….

  • (A) Fire Hymn 
  • (B) To Autumn
  • (C) Snake 
  • (D) None of these 

It was a ……… when the poet saw snake.

  • (A) cold 
  • (B) hot
  • (C) humid 
  • (D) None of these 

In the poem ‘Snake’, Lawrence exalts the values of …………life. [2021A] 

  • (A) primitive 
  • (B) city.
  • (C) civilized 
  • (D) artificial

A Marriage Proposal’ was written by [2020A]

  • (A) Zakir Hussain 
  • (B) H. E. Bates 
  • (C) Mahatma Gandhi
  • (D) Anton Chekhov 

Lomov has come to ask for his daughter …… hand in marriage. 

  • (A) Natalia’s 
  • (B). Matalia’s
  • (C) Khatalia’s 
  • (D) Ratalia’s 

Lomov is …… years old.

  • (A) 30 
  • (B) 32
  • (C) 35 
  • (D) 36

Whose father was a gambler ?

  • (A) Somov 
  • (B) Lomov
  • (C) Rom 
  • (D) Romov 

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