100+Rose Day Quotes , Wishes , Message , Greetings & Status

Rose day marks the beginning of Valentine’s week or love week. It is celebrated on February 7 every year followed by propose day, chocolate day, teddy day, promise day, hug day, kiss day, and Valentine’s Day.

The multiple color of roses can be shared with the loved ones depending up on the bond you share with them. Red rose for the romance, yellow for the friendship, pink for affection, and several other hues hiding a meaning in them. In addition to sending roses to your special ones, send these affectionate & romantic Rose day messages to express your sentiments in a magnificent way!

Rose Day Messages for Girlfriend

You are more delicious than a candy, more attractive than a red rose, & more adorable than a teddy. Happy Red Rose day, honey!

I am sending this beautiful Rose for a sweetheart like you. Happy Rose day love.

Just as a Rose does not require any explanation to express its beauty, my love does not require words to express my feelings. Sending you this lovely red rose bunch to express my love for you. Happy Rose day.

You are like the beautiful rose in a blooming garden. My heart is a garden of roses because of you, darling. Wishing you a lovely rose day.

Words will fall short to express my love for you, hope the roses will fulfill the emptiness. Happy rose day my girl.

Rose Day Messages for Boyfriend

Thanks for sending me this beautiful bouquet of red roses darling. You are the most precious rose in my life. Happy rose day my boyfriend!

Just like a red rose spreads its charm in the room, your presence makes my life super-exciting. I wish you a Happy Rose Day, handsome!

Thanks for being as graceful as the rose. I hope you have a great day ahead. Happy rose day 2022!

Happy Rose day! Hope your life bloomed like these roses and filled with happiness and success.

This day is perfect because nothing but only a red rose can express what my heart feels for you. Happy Rose Day.

A full bloomed rose and your love is the same beautiful and precious to me. Love and kisses on this special day.

Rose Day Messages for Friends

Fragrance cannot be defined without a rose just as friendship can’t be defined without you.

Happy Rose Day, friend!

Sending this beautiful rose to a person with a beautiful heart. Thanks for making my life beautiful. Happy Rose Day, buddy!

A single rose will spread its sweet fragrance in the garden. A friend like you will me my life bloom. Happy Rose day dear friend

 I am sending this beautiful rose to my friend with a beautiful heart. You made my life beautiful with your presence. Happy Rose day.

I have sent these beautiful red roses to express my love for you. But the roses turned green with your beauty.

Top 10 Happy Rose Day Quotes

This day is perfect because nothing but only a red rose can express what my heart feels for you. Happy Rose Day.

You are the rose of my life! Happy Rose Day!

A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day!

I hope we will always be together like this bunch of roses. Happy rose day!

You are as soft as the rose petals, for your beautiful heart I have a beautiful rose. Happy Rose Day!

A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom

am afraid of the thought of losing the only rose of my life. Life is nothing without you.

To the woman who sticks by me through my thick and thin, Happy Rose Day dear wife. You are far more beautiful than roses.

This rose is for you to say thank you for being there always with a heart full of love for me.

Comparing you with the roses would be an understatement. Happy Rose Day!

Rose Day Whatsapp Status

Is Thinking… Thinking Of That Special Person Right Now.. I Will Always Let You Have The Key To My Heart… Happy Rose Day

In A Vase Of Roses Be A Daisy, Cause No Matter What Type Of Flower You Are In That Vase, Your Still A Flower Just Like The Rest. Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.
Don’t Let Others Choose How You Think Or Feel About Another Person Let Yourself Do That. If You Do You Might As Well Just Say Hey Live My Life For Me. Happy Rose Day
The Rarest Of Blessings Is Finding That One Friend That You Can Honestly Trust With All Of Your Being. Happy Rose Day My Friend.
Everyone loves the most beautiful girl,
But I love you my red rose,
As its you only who make my life beautiful..
Happy Rose Day


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