What is Artificial intelligence ? | How does AI works ?

What is Artificial intelligence ?

In simple words Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability of a computer or a robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that are usually done by humans because they require human intelligence and discernment.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence example?

Several examples of artificial intelligence impact our lives today. These include FaceID on iPhones, the search algorithm on Google, and the recommendation algorithm on Netflix. You’ll also find other examples of how AI is in use today on social media, digital assistants like Alexa, siri , and ride-hailing apps such as Uber.

What are the types of AI?

3 Types of Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
  • Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
  • Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

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Who is the father of artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy

Why is artificial intelligence important?

AI technology is important because it enables human capabilities – understanding, reasoning, planning, communication and perception – to be undertaken by software increasingly effectively, efficiently and at low cost. … Use cases are proliferating as AI’s potential is understood.

Is Artificial Intelligence real intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence presently is not real intelligence as it is just a careful use of mathematical technique to create an appearance of intelligence and usually focused on a particular task. Real intelligence has to do with the ability to comprehend and understand.

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