Emily In Paris season 2 Review

Emily in Paris is about to return with season 2: here is our review without spoilers, but with some anticipation that will make you want to watch the second season even more!

We had the opportunity to preview Emily In Paris 2: no spoiler, don’t worry, just a few samples of this sparkling second season!

The love triangle between Emily, Gabriel and Camille will continue throughout the season!

The series will resume exactly where we left it: Emily will be full of guilt, as we see also from the trailer that you can find at the bottom of the article. But this triangle will give us some surprises, some more pleasant than others, and will develop throughout the course of season 2!

To find out how it will end, however, you will have to wait to see it for yourself!

There’s gonna be another triangle!

Not a spoiler, because it was quite predictable that with the arrival of Alfie, the new love interest of Emily, there would be other intrigues.

But I can tell you that you will love the character of Alfie, played by Lucien Laviscount! A character a bit mysterious and detached, but that soon will open his heart to Emily!

The other characters will be involved in love stories too

Emily is not the only one who has to navigate the world of love. I anticipate that Sylvie and Mindy will also have their love stories this season!

Both will face various challenges during the second season: some of work nature, others of sentimental nature.

Speaking of work, uh…

Savoir will also face ups and downs! In fact, the work done by the Savoir team for Chez Lavaux, Gabriel’s new restaurant in business with Antoine, will continue. We will also find Champère, the sparkling wine of Camille’s family that will reserve sparkling surprises. Finally, the Savoir team will still work for the great and eccentric Cadault!

In addition, a familiar face will return: that of Madeline, played by the beautiful Kate Walsh! The woman will make a survey in Paris… You’ll see some good ones!

Final thought

The second season of Emily in Paris keeps the pace and that fresh and light air that characterized the first season. The authors, however, listened to the criticism received and made some changes: less stereotypes about French and Americans first of all. Another important change is the use of French when only French characters are present in a scene, which reflects much more reality. Emily is also committed to learning this new language – and ends up knowing Alfie’s, oops!

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Emily in Paris Season 2 Trailer



  • Lily Collins as Emily Cooper
  • Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau
  • Ashley Park as Mindy Chen
  • Lucas Bravo as Gabriel
  • Samuel Arnold as Julien
  • Bruno Gouery as Luc
  • Camille Razat as Camille
  • William Abadie as Antoine Lambert


 The wait is nearly over, as Collins will be back on Netflix for a whole new season on 22 December.

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