Computer Networks Handwritten Notes PDF

CSE306 Computer Networks Handwritten Notes PDF

Introduction to Computer Network: Uses of Computer Networks: Business Applications, Home Applications, Mobile Users, Social Issues, Network Hardware: LANs, MANs, WANs.

Network Software: Protocol Hierarchies, Design Issues for the Layers, Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services, Service Primitives, The Relationship of Services to Protocols.

Reference Models: The OSI Reference Model, The TCP/IP Reference Model. Example Networks: The Internet, Connection-Oriented Networks (X.25, Frame Relay & ATM), Ethernet

Network Layer: Congestion Control Algorithms: General Principles of Congestion Control, Congestion Prevention Policies, Congestion Control in Virtual-Circuit Subnets, Congestion Control in Datagram Subnets, Load Shedding, Jitter Control.

Quality of Service: Requirements, Techniques for Achieving Good Quality of Service, Integrated Services, Differentiated Services.

Internetworking: Networks Differences, Connecting Networks, Concatenated Virtual Circuits, Connectionless Internetworking, Tunneling, Internetwork Routing, Fragmentation.

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